Face ID locking

Does anyone know if Face ID locking possible in Drafts?

I don’t see it in the settings or mentioned in the forum.

It is not. Drafts does not have any library-wide or individual not locking at this time.

Many thanks for the quick response!

It would be great if it were possible at some point in the future if time allows :slight_smile:

Sounds like Drafts version 30 feature :blush:

+1 to Face-ID lock or some sort of app lock. I know that in theory it against each other since Drafts initially released as quick launch to quickly input thoughts or ideas. However, Drafts has evolved drastically, so to have a toggle in settings would be great!

The first area which could take advantage of this feature is journaling!

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Presumably this would be a requirement to have the notes encrypted at rest too.

In terms of face ID unlock specifically, what advantage would this give over the standard whole device locking? Usually if you want to add additional security, you would have an unlock that is different to the lock used to access the device. Face ID to unlock both seems a little unusual to me, so I’m wondering what the benefit is.

That’s a good point re double use of Face ID. I have zero insight on the encryption requirements though.

I still think there’s are a few situations where this feature would be beneficial e.g. BYOD or a parent sharing a device with a child.

FaceID locking is already implemented in one form or another in Apple Notes and third party apps (DEVONthink and DayOne) so I’m guessing the duplicate layer of security is useful to some.

Unless it only adds a percieved layer of protection, however I assume it must offer some security advantage (when available in an app it is turned on in Settings under Face ID & Passcode > Other Apps).

I hadn’t considered the impact on the quick launch aspect of Drafts mentioned by @NotPowerUser. I’ve used TouchID app locking without noticing any friction but that’s not to say FaceID lock wouldn’t be issue for some.