Extracting a note from Evernote

I post essays to Evernote from Drafts. I make the Evernote essay shareable and send them to some friends. Every now and then I make a change to the essay in Evernote and want to bring it back in to Drafts for a major revision that incorporates my Evernote change.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how best to do this? I have tried with Shortcuts but I cannot seem to get the body of the note.
My sense is that I will wind up converting HTML to RTF then to MMD. I realize that this is not strictly a Drafts question but I cannot think of anywhere else to better pose this question.

Evernote supports content in a note that Evernote does not, so I’m assuming from your post and that the original comes from Drafts that only simple formatted text is being held in Evernote. Assuming that is the case, maybe something like this will suffice for your essays?

Another option you might consider is only making revisions in Drafts and archiving essays in Drafts once you have posted to Evernote. This should allow you to then return to essays in Drafts without risk of loss of content due to multiple round trips. Each time you push from source (Drafts) to destination (Evernote).

Unfortunately I don’t see a way in Drafts or Shortcuts to replace Evernote note contents, which means that would always be a manual process or require a re-sharing of a new note each time you put out an update.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. It works but it does not convert footnotes to proper markdown. I think I can do a fix for this.

Indeed there seems no way to replace and Evernote text but I can upload it to a new note then copy and paste it into the shared link.

Evernote actions on iOS can replace the text of a note. You need to be sure you are targeting the right note, but if you have the Evernote step of the action set to “replace”, it will overwrite an existing note if it is there.

You would also need your action configured to point to the right note. You could do this by statically defining the note name in the Evernote step of the action, or by using [[title]] to use the first line of the draft as a note name. The later would, of course, mean that if you editing the title of the draft in Drafts, or the name of the note in Evernote, that it would no longer be updating the right note - just something to be aware of.

You are correct there is not way to pull a note from Evernote back to Drafts.