Expose body to Shortcuts

When integrating with Shortcuts, I see that I can load a draft and access the Content, Title, Tags, Folder, and many other attributes. It would be nice if “Body” was exposed so I could have a draft with a title and some content, and be able to load it into a shortcut without having to always strip off the first line in the shortcut manually.

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For a minute there I thought from that post title it was going to be spam, but it just ended up being a legitimate technical use of the phrase “expose body to” :laughing:


I do not think this would be a good addition from a technical perspective. Shortcuts tends to be very sensitive to memory usage. To provide “body” as another property, I would essentially be having to provide a duplicate copy of the contents with every draft object that gets fetched and passed around.

Not a big deal with shorter drafts, or with single drafts, but for long drafts and/or shortcuts that query and process numerous drafts, it could be problematic.

I’ll make a note to explore including some specific function-type shortcuts actions, however. It might make sense to add a "Process Template Template for Draft" shortcut action that would allow you to access the Drafts template engine without leaving Shortcuts to be able to extract the [[body]], etc.


Thanks - I could see that being helpful.

Isn’t the body just the draft with the title hacked off the front? Which any competent user could code for?

Or am I missing something?

The request is geared around the point of not having to do that manually in Shortcuts.

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Ah. I need(ed) more coffee… :slight_smile: