Exporting Workspaces

New Pro User and currently use Drafts for storage. However, I am a spreadsheet junkie for saving events, journal posts … life reminders. Currently I:
… select a workspace
… highlight all posts/drafts in the workspace
… then file export as csv and create a spreadsheet
… delete columns and I am l left with a spreadsheet cell with 4 template entries ## Date, #Title, #Descript, #Add’l Info

Any suggestions to simplify the workflow. I assume I will have to use the spreasheets ‘text to columns’ feature to separate those 4 data entries to individual cells.

Drafts inbuilt JavaScript based scripting can process most of the manual actions. You can also, on the Mac, trigger scripts such as AppleScript, and you may find your spreadsheet application supports that.

Alternately you may find Shortcuts, which can be called from Drafts on iPhone and iPad might be an option for your spreadsheet application.

If your spreadsheet application is web-based, then many of those integrate via web integration services, which can be populated via web hooks, cloud storage uploads, etc.

Fundamentally, this sort of thing should be entirely automatable, but just don’t pens on your spreadsheet “flavour”, and your technical skills.

Thank you Skylumer,
I was hoping someone created an Action I could ‘steal’ and modify. I will explore your suggestions.

Potentially there could be someone who has created something like this. There are all sorts of niches and bespoke uses people have invested in.

But, you do have some rather specific sounding points, and some unknowns.

  • Multiline notes and CSV files are often hard to marry.
  • The spreadsheet destination is unknown.
  • Additional info column is undefined. Date format, title and description could probably be logically guessed at from a Drafts properties.

Maybe a partial solution - not automated however …
Restructure a Journal Template to a simple line of text - each text group would be separated by a symbol. Then when the Journal is exported (let’s say monthly) I can use ‘text to column’ (spreadsheet>data>text to Column in Libre Office) and separate into columns by selecting the symbol chosen. (mentally follow the context line structure …

So structure is
#Date #Keyword #Description #Details #Add’l Comment

#08-08-2021 #Photo Shoot #St Augustine #Stayed at Ponce Motel