Exporting to Tana


Has aybody done an export to Tana action?

Have you tried the share sheet? The docs suggest you can share to the apps.

There is an API, but unless you are importing at volume that is probably overkill for you to create to just tryiout the platform (it is new enough not to have a business model - just an expected one; almost like a beta product). They have limited system import options and don’t offer text or outline files, so basic options are somewhat limited.

As you probably know, Tana stores information in a “supertag” structure - essentially a database table with pre-defined fields. You can use the Tana Paste capability to create an instance of a supertag, but the information must be formatted in a manner that Tana can use it with the specified supertag. The Tana help site describes the required structure.

I helped create a Keyboard Maestro macro to extract data from an email in Apple Mail to use with Tana’s Quick Entry dialog - but I stopped using Tana months ago and no longer have the details.

R.J. Nestor is a Tana Ambassador who uses that capability and can explain further.

I don’t see any reason why something similar could not be done using a Drafts template to create the structure needed for a Tana supertag - one draft at a time. But, “export” implies multiple drafts with lots of different structures, and I don’t know how that can be done.