Exporting to Apple Notes preserving tags

I’ve got a bunch of drafts that I’d like to export to the Apple Notes app. I have the “Create note in Notes” action and associated Shortcut. However, now that Monterey supports it, I’d like to convert the drafts tags to Apple Notes tags by pasting them at the bottom with the “#” mark to identify them as tags. Anybody have any clue how to do this? I’d be grateful.

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It is trivial to add Drafts tags as hashtags when exporting. In fact there’s a [[hashtags]] template tag that can be used in Drafts actions to include tags in #hashtag format (more on templates).

That said, this won’t help you to tag items in Apple Notes. Best as I have been able to tell from testing in the new release of Notes, it only recognizes and tags a note if the #hashtag is typed into the note. If you paste in text with tags, or use the Shortcuts or AppleScript methods to set the content of a note, it ignores those tags. They appear as text, but it does not actually treat them as tags.

Apple would have to update Notes to support tags better to make this useful.

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Urgh. Infuriatingly Apple. Thanks.