Exporting multiple notes to Obsidian

I’ve got an action that sends a draft note to obsidian, but when I select multiple notes, it still only transfers one note. Is there a way to send multiple notes as one at a time will take forever.

Alternately, where in the finder are Drafts notes stored? Can all the notes be dragged to my obsidian folder? I would need them in markup however, so not sure what the native Drafts format is.


Not sure if you are on iOS or Mac…but to run actions on multiple drafts:

  • iOS: Tap “Select” below draft list to enter select mode. Select the drafts, tap the “Operations” button > Run Action.
  • Mac: Select the drafts in the list, secondary-click on the list for the contextual menu, select “Run Action”

For info, they are not files but database records.

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genius!!! thanks!!!