Exporting Bear notes to Drafts, how?

How does one go about importing notes from Bear to Drafts on iOS/iPadOS if I want to make that shift and make Drafts my place for notes also?

Off the top of my head, a few approaches could be.

  • You could write a Shortcut to extract from Bear and add to Drafts directly.
  • You could manually use the share sheet for each note,
  • You could export from Bear to files and put the files into the Drafts file import folder.
  • You could copy and paste between the two apps.
  • I would guess on an iPad in split screen that you may well be able to drag and drop between the two apps.

Drafts actions could of course be used independently for any tidying of meta data, formatting, etc.

Overall,it It all depends on how much effort you want to put into the process, how many notes you have to move, your level of reliance on meta data, and your level of automation understanding around Shortcuts and Drafts actions.

Hope that helps.