Exporting all drafts in workspace

Hi. Looking for advice to export all drafts in a particular workspace. Are these steps correct? Or another better way to export?

  • choose a workspace
  • select all drafts in that workspace
  • export


This action could also be useful for something like that: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1L8

Where are you exporting to and do you need anything in a particular format, any specific meta data or just the content? Thinking about what happens next to the exported content should determine your requirements.

Finished the project, want to remove all the drafts in that workspace and backup it up on external drive. CSV or text file should suffice.

No dates, tags, locations of importance? No need to have internal draft links working? No particular filename format? Just any sort of basic export is sufficient then?

The inbuilt export would seem to be the easiest option for that.

Correct, don’t need tags, locations, etc. So steps in original post would be best way to export.