Export to dropbox - opening in word?

Hello all,

Im have used drafts for a while now but im a basic user.

I currently have a few actions but im tying to make my workflow slicker. I am seeking some help.

  1. How do I create an action to send it to a specific folder in dropbox? for example i want to organise them into the following, workout tracker and journal.

  2. When I send it drop box it opens in a word document and the text is markdown. Is there a way that when i sent it to drop box and open it in word it shows the text in the drafts font for example Arial and not open it in a basic text?

Configuring Dropbox action steps is pretty straight-forward. I suggest you take an existing Save to Dropbox action, duplicate it, and make changes as needed.

The “Name” field controls the name that will be assigned to the file. The “Path” field controls where it will be located, relative to the root of your Dropbox folder. e.g. a path of /Journals/2022/ will save it in a “2022” folder inside a “Journals” folder in your Dropbox.

As to what is saved, Drafts works with plain text. It does not write rich, word-processor-style text. So if you open that file in Word, it will treat it as text.

You can get a rich-text converted version your Markdown in the clipboard using a conversion action, but there is no way to write that to a file.

There are also ways to convert with other services, like actions for Dropbox Paper, or Google Docs, but both of these examples utilize conversion options provided by those services. I do not believe there are equivalent options for Word.

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