Export to calendar 366

I use an excellent cakendar app called Cakendar 366
It accepts natural language input in the format
What when where /calendar
Eg lunch Tuesday 12:45 Aroma /Gmail
How should I go about exporting from draft to that App (if this is possible).
Once I understand that I might be able to generalize. I also have the iOS shortcuts app

It looks like the iOS version got URL schemes added in version 1.3.0., but I can’t see any documentation for it on the developers web site :frowning:

This would make a good starting point and then you could use a Drafts action to open the appropriate URL and Drafts’ templates (e.g. [[draft]]) to pass in the data to the application.

Here is what the developer sent me:

The URL scheme for Calendar 366 (iOS & Mac) is “c366”.



c366:///add?type=event&query=“WhatWhen Where…”

c366:///add?type=reminder&query=“WhatWhen Where…”

(Without quotes, URL encoded)


The start parameter is optional for repeating events.


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That suggests something like this would work assuming your draft contains the what, when, where entry.

Yes, I just uploaded the working action.
But I used a simple url. What’s the point of the callback?

Now for the real,purpose of the exercise.
How do I get the script to run the action on a list of such events.
I often get such lists I need to enter into my calendar, and would love to copy paste the list, edit and format as required, and send the lot to the calendar.

Assuming the URL scheme support is full x-callback support that would allow an automatic return to Drafts. If it doesn’t, then using a normal URL call would be just fine.

Rather than sending an entire draft, you would send just part of a draft. For example, each line. In order to do this you would use a script action step and some JavaScript. There are many examples in the forum and the Action Directory of doing just this with other apps.


This does rely on the URL scheme being x-callback compatible. Each time you want to add something to C366, you have to call it’s URL scheme and send it the data. When you want to send it the next bit of data to process with the next call, you have to have returned to Drafts. That’ where the requirement for x-callback comes in. Without that, the control is never going to come back to Drafts to process the next entry in your list.

For info, Shortcuts would suffer the same limitation. C366 needs to actively pass control back to the app that called it.