Export Drafts for importing into Craft

I use Drafts for all my note taking and would like to start copying drafts to Craft. This I can do using an action, so no problem there. What I’d like to do is export all drafts to individual markdown files (craft appears to only support importing individual markdown files, or textbundles) so I can import them all into Craft to fill in all the historical notes. I don’t care about the metadata except it would be nice to use the draft original creation date as the date on the export, so when it’s imported it sorts them correctly by date. Thanks very much.


Configure an action which exports one draft the way you want (file naming, content, extension, etc.). Likely the best option is to use the File action step, which can maintain creation/modification dates.

Once you are happy with how it works, select the drafts you want to export in the draft list, and run your export action on all of them using “Run Action” - from draft list contextual menu on Mac, or “Operations” on iOS.

Fantastic! Thanks very much.

This suggestion works well.
I am curious as to how you import several md files into Craft? I assume you are importing each file as blocks and not as an attachment.