Export and trash all notes?

Hi, everyone!

Every day I select all drafts (which went from one tap to two in the latest update :expressionless:), export as text, e-mail them to myself, then send them all to the trash. I do this on iOS so I can access them on a computer that can’t run Drafts.

Is it possible to automate all of that? I’m stuck on the first step of exporting all drafts. I’ve poked around in the action editor, and searched the action database, but I can only find affordances for exporting individual drafts.


What platform are you looking to export on?

For example, on IOS, I can long press on Select on the draft list, tap Select All, then tap on Operations and select Export.

If you have a particular action, you could run that action against all of the selected drafts via the Run Action operation.

It would also be possible to build a script that could produce a tailored export where you could play about with the format for how the text is e-mailed to you to make processing the text at the other end easier.

Thanks. I’m doing this on iOS, so when I select all drafts and hit Export, it exports them as a single text file, smushing all the drafts together. When I select all drafts and run an action (such as Mail or Send), it runs on all the drafts individually (one mail per draft, one share dialog per draft, etc), which would overwhelm the rest of my workflow because I usually have many drafts.

Can you describe in more detail what you want as an ideal?

It isn’t everything in one file e-mailed. It isn’t one e-mail per draft. So it is something in between or something very different.