Export a Draft to RTF?


First, a thanks to responders to my earlier question about subscripts: I’m now having fun using HTML tags to do much of the formatting for my thesis. This question concerns what I can then do with the formatted text. (I’m an amateur at this, so bear with me.)

I know how to copy a Draft to the clipboard as an RTF, which I can then paste elsewhere. I’ve been trying to modify the “Preview and Print” action to make a Preview and Export (or Share, or OpenIn, or …) action, so I can preview the Markdown draft and then, if it’s OK, send the preview where I want it directly. But the Export, Share, OpenIn … will only move the original Draft, unlike Print, which allows me to choose the preview instead of the original file. Is there something I’m missing? Ideally, I’d like to send the preview as an RTF directly to Pages.


Won’t Pages import HTML?

I’ve never used it but would be surprised if it wouldn’t.