Exclude disabled steps when sharing an action

It would be nice if steps that are disabled could be excluded from an action when sharing. Sometimes I’ll have an action I want to share/update, but want to exclude a step that may not make sense outside if my specific use cases, or it may be broken if I’m in the middle of some refactoring.

Perhaps, just duplicate? Then share the cleaned up version?

That works the first time sharing an action. If you want to update an action you’ve already shared, the reference to the shared action doesn’t carry over to the copy (which is expected behavior from my standpoint), so you can’t update it. You would have to share a new action (and then go unshare the original).

That’s not terrible, but if you’ve referenced the original action from a blog post or something like that, this would break the link.

Given one of the intents for disabled actions is to help with work in progress as you try out changes, the option to not share those changes out into the world until you’re done seems like a good fit.

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