Example: Publish tag to iCloud Drive

I put together an example action which prompts to select a tag, and writes a file to iCloud Drive for each draft in the inbox with the assigned tag.

It’s great for backup or bulk export of all active drafts in a particular project, etc.

There are several configuration variable at the top of the action script to control the action - and the example could be adapted pretty easily to write to Dropbox or other file-based service.

Publish tag to iCloud Drive action at the Action Directory

Demo of the action in use…


Ohhhh, that´s so fantastic!

I modifed this to work for OneDrive and added the “OneDrive” tag.

Thank you very, very much!

No idea, if was allowed to do so and if this was the right way:

Publish tag to OneDrive

Location: /Drafts/Tags/…