Evernote login failed

Drafts can not login the Evernote in China(aka, yinxiang, domain: www.yinxiang.com).

We are aware and looking into it.

Still not working in
It just jump to Evernote for China(https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/印象笔记/id281796108?mt=8) and then jump back to Drafts 5 and open the Evernote login website for International. So I still can’t login the Evernote for China.

The same problem in
When press the authorization button, It will jump to the Evernote-China app(exactly 印象笔记app)then jump back to Drafts app.Then report error without open the login website.

Still working on this one. Waiting on a response from Evernote at the moment. I believe it has something to do with configuration at their end.

Please try Evernote China login again. Evernote claims they resolved an issue at their end with the app being enabled on the China service and it should work now.

It will jump to YinxiangBiji.app(the evernote in China which different with Evernote International ) and then jump back to Drafts and show a login website of Evernote International which not the Yinxiang website. So I still can’t login with my Yinxiang account. They have different account systems but the same api framework as I know. I have seen some apps add a button to the login interface to allow the user to change the Evernote location between China and International so that users can login Evernote in China successful.

I’ll probably disable the in-app authentication, which is a worse experience for many users but the only way to allow choice of services. This is all in Evernote’s SDK code, they made some weird choices about how to handle the two services.