Essential for OmniOutliner Users

Some fabulous work here from @Unlocked2412 who helped me out on the Omni Forum.

This Drafts 5 action imports a TaskPaper-formatted Draft into OmniOutliner. The big deal is that it handles notes that are not part of the outline (see “pen, pencil and paper” or “rule of thumb…” below)

So starting with this text:

	- Choose location.
	- Buy basic garden tools.
	- Nurture the garden.
		A rule of thumb for watering the plants is one inch of water per week during the growing season.
Write a book:
	- Establish my writing space.
	- Assemble my writing tools.
		Pen, pencil and paper.
	- Write.

Grab the action at

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Would that be the same one that @unlocked2412 posted about earlier in this same forum section?

You’re right, @sylumer. It’s that same action I posted there.

Sorry about that. Didn’t see it.

No problem, @jarno527. Glad you liked that Drafts action.