Error when trying to send to Notion

I have tried to send items to notion from drafts and it just is not working - it sends items from drafts to omnifocus but I can’t get it to play ball - it chooses the relevant folder I want but then comes up with a red triangle !

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Unfortunately there are no actionable details in your post. Can you provide some that will help to investigate the issue.


  • What does your log say?
  • What action are you using (link to the exact one)?
  • Can you provide sample content of the draft you are using?
  • Have you been prompted to and filled in the appropriate credentials.

Where do I find the log?
I was using:

Add to notion
Notion - create page

Have found a work around in terms of send to - but it’s not very helpful

Details about accessing the log can be found in the documentation.

Post the action link from the directory or post where you got it. Actions do not have unique descriptive names, so to ensure the right action is referenced, you should provide a link to it.

If you have modified an action or don’t know where to find it (and are a pro subscriber) you can share an unlisted directory link.

I know I get this error when I try to use the Create Page action step on a Draft of any substantial length. This is definitely on Notion’s end. Could it be that you are trying to send too much?