Error Embedding


In the Actions Directory the comments sections shows “Error Embedding” under each action.


This is not true for me. I think this happens at times with newly posted actions, when the Discourse forum has not auto-created the related thread - but I think it’s generally a temporary problem when it does happen.


So I’ve just opened pages for the top 10 actions listed under Most Popular and they all show this error, e.g. top action listed is Things Parser, which says last update 5 months ago, and it has this error.


I get the message too for all kinds of actions.


In my expeience, it is pretty common; but to put that in perspective I don’t often visit the Action Directory. maybe 3-4 times a month at most when I’ll either be browsing the new actions or searching for something I’ve seen previously.

I think I have occasionally seen actual embeds in there, but I think that’s only been maybe three or four times, and I’ve honestly not paid attention so it may be my memory playing tricks on me.

Here’s a screenshot collage from this morning, using Safari on iOS, showing what what looks to be the most recent and the oldest actions. Both are showing the same embed error.

Note als that the results are the same regardless of whether I am logged into the forums or not in another tab.

Looking at the source for the first of the screenshots I can see the frame embed URL as.

Putting this in a new browser window, unsurprisingly, gives the same embedding error.

I had a quick scan of the source against a topic or two on comment embedding in Discourse and nothing obvious jumped out as being different. It’s also getting through to the forum an pulling resources from it so I can’t see it being a general access issue, but is there any chance it might be a permissions issue where @agiletortoise has access to the caegory in the discourse forum and the rest of us don’t?


Got this resolved. It was a permissions related problem in the Discourse configuration. Sorry about that.


Is it definitely fully resolved?

This thread has a comment:

It looks to be linked to this action:

Whose comments section looks blank to me - as do the several others I tried, but they have no comments against them.


Definitely still an issue here. I wanted to comment on an Action in the directory, but clicking on Start Discussion opened comment page for completely different Action.


This one looks like it might be working…


Looks like a case error in parsing the shortcode:

the Start Discussion link on this page:

… opens this forum page, which contains a link back to:


Good catch, thanks. Will look into it.