Equivalent to cmd-tab for switching workspaces?

I’ve been on a real tear lately making workspaces for various purposes. Really enjoying having them all dedicated to different jobs. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that there isn’t a terrific way to cycle through them at a global (within Drafts) level.

I know that there are various ways to use scripting to select individual workspaces (and I have them installed), but I can’t help but think it would be fantastic to be able to map a key binding—say ctrl-tab, since cmd-tab is reserved at the OS level—to cycle through all workspaces the same way the iOS app switcher works.

Am I alone on this one? :wink:

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Have you tried the Select Workspace example action? You could bind it to a key command of your choice. It displays a prompt of your workspaces to select from. The prompts support keyboard selection (up-down arrows, ⌘-return to select).

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So I have, and it’s good, and almost there. (I’m having an issue where once the prompt is up, the keyboard selection with up-down arrows etc. isn’t working, but that’s likely a “me” problem.)

But it still feels different than what I’d want. The nice thing about the UX for the app switcher is that you’re able to trigger it with the key combo, and then cycle using the same key—and then select via releasing those same keys. So there’s a simplicity to the action that the prompt + key navigation + select action lacks. It’s not only speed, it’s the fact that you essentially adapt the initial key combo to modify the action, and it just feels right.

Functionally, of course, it works the same. Does what it says on the tin. But it doesn’t feel as seamless to me. The more time I spend in Drafts, the more I build around it, the more it becomes my default operating environment for so many things… the more I want to make it feel like an OS within the OS.

Which frankly, is a testament to just how incredible it is. :slight_smile:

How about something like this: Cycle through workspaces | Drafts Directory?

I assigned a random shortcut for testing, so you might want to adjust that for your preference. You could also duplicate the action and tweak it to work with a variation on your shortcut key combo in order to send it cycling in the reverse direction…


Oh my goodness. This is perfect. Just what I had in mind.

You have my gratitude. :pray:t3:

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Very nice. Even nicer would be to pop up a list, @jsamlarose - with first character navigation. I must have too many workspaces. :slight_smile:

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Something like that already exists. :wink: Matt Gemmell’s CheckListPrompt action group includes a workspace selection action among the demos. Pops up a list of workspaces you can type to filter…

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Took the action that @jsamlarose created, duplicated it, and added workspace.reverse() after the first line to get the workspaces. This enables cycling through the workspaces in reverse. I also wanted to make control + → cycle forward, and control + ← cycle in reverse. I saved both Cycle Workspace FWD and Cycle Workspace REV to the directory for others to use as well.

Great idea @sethclifford, and all the credit to @jsamlarose for creating the original action!!!


Good on you for polishing these up! Looks like they’re currently unlisted in the directory?

Slightly off tangent, but I had cause to adapt these to cycle through drafts within a workspace; there are already built-in keyboard shortcuts for that, but I needed alternative key combos.

Cycle Drafts In Workspace FWD | Drafts Directory + Cycle Drafts In Workspace REV | Drafts Directory