Equivalent of a developer console?

Sometimes I want to run one-off JavaScript code. The only way I know how to do that today is to create an action, add a Script step to it, edit that step, then run the action. Is there a more interactive way that I haven’t managed to find? The equivalent to a web browser’s JS console would be perfect.

Action Group


  • TAD-Make Draft Executable
  • TAD-Load Executable Draft
  • TAD-Execute Draft
  • TAD-Execute Test Function
  • TAD-Execute Current Draft
  • TAD-Execute Current Selection
  • TAD-Execute Current Lines

Scripting actions documentation

Using the above, you just put your code in a draft and the actions reads in the content and you can run it.

I also have some extra stuff on logging if that is useful.

Oh, sweet! That’s much more convenient, thanks.

I still pine for a nice REPL, though.