Enable Word Completion as in other Mac apps

Mac OS has a not very well-known, but nonetheless pretty useful feature built in, namely word completion. The feature is showcased in well in part two of this video and further explained here.

As far as I understand it, it seems to be a feature only available to Mac apps that use a cocoa text system. Which is probably why you cannot use that feature in Drafts. But seeing as Drafts is so well integrated with the functionalities of Mac OS, would it maybe be possible to somehow enable the word completion Drafts for Mac, too?

That feature works in Drafts. In my experience it’s unpredictable throughout the system…it’s like one of those old NEXT features that everyone at Apple forgot exists.

CleanShot 2021-05-27 at 09.39.40@2x

It does interact with a number of other settings, however (system-wide, not just in Drafts). Make sure you have the newer “Check spelling while typing” setting turned off, and “Correct spelling automatically” turned on in Editor Preferences for the syntax you are using.

Oh I see, I got it, thanks!