Enable "Select" when viewing Trash

Recently had to delete a bunch of drafts from Trash, but didn’t want to delete everything by emptying, because I just trashed a bunch of stuff that I might need to restore.

It would be helpful to have Select enabled when viewing Trash (although I know there may be a UX or functional reason why that wouldn’t work).

Instead of deleting the drafts that you may want to recover, would it be possible to move them to the Archive with a specific flag? This would allow them to be searched, not be accidentally deleted by emptying the trash and also included in or excluded from workspaces as required. In that way the trash is only for drafts to actually be deleted. The moving to Archive and adding the specific tag can all be completed by the AFTER SUCCESS option of actions, or by an action set up for this purpose.

Hope this helps.

In this specific use case… I don’t think so? Because the entire purpose was to get rid of the drafts4 tag that was still showing up in the list, but not in inbox/flagged/archive, because all the tag-bearing drafts had previously been deleted.

In the general use case… maybe, but that seems like a complex workaround for something that seems like it would be more easily solved by extending existing functionality to a new context.

In any case, it’s certainly not a crisis – for me, the app’s usability, what have you. It’s never come up for me before, and may not again.

It just struck me as odd that it worked other places… but not here.