Embedded images

I would love to be able to embed images (jpeg, gif) into documents. Ideally they would be visible as inline images but I would also be happy if they only showed up in print.

Assuming that you are thinking about Markdown and transforming it, it might be worth having a read of these topics.

thanks for the links, hadn’t seen these.

However, I am looking for support for images without public URL (local images) and also ability to simply copy/paste an image.

As a purely text based and plain text focused application, I think that rich text and support for directly embedding images is probably out of scope for the feature set of the app as it stands.

Day One used to be brilliant. It allowed for markdown + inline images. I really loved that workflow. They moved everything to rich text and I don’t want that. I just want Markdown with inline image support. I would love to see this added into Drafts.