Email Message Links?

I use direct links to emails often. They start with message: and seem to contain the message id. They probably could be generated by code but I get them from forwarding an email to Things or using the Things helper. In Things and Bear, the link opens the email. In Drafts, in link mode, it creates a new email message.
Is there a way to get them to work? Or another workaround?

Are you trying this with link mode enabled?

If I’m in Drafts on my Mac, and in link mode, it opens the linked e-mail in my default mail client (MailMate), and if I’m on i*OS, it opens the linked mail in Apple’s Mail app.

Yes, I’m in links mode. In Things, the entire link is clickable. In Drafts, only the middle of the link is clickable.
To be more clear, message:%3 at the beginning of the link and %3E at the end is not clickable. The middle that seems to be is clickable and fills as the To-address in a new email.
I am copying the link from Things. It generates the same link whether I copy with Ctrl-C or right-click ‘Copy as link’ I’ve seen similar behavior in Agenda. Email links work in Agenda if I use the second method.
The links are not working on IOS or Mac.
Can you tell me if the format of your links is similar to what I described above? Mine look like


My links look only partially like that.

Here’s an example:


I would expect the forward slashes and %3c (decodes to “<”) and %3e (decodes to “>”) to be in place to make a URL. Certainly “%3” wouldn’t be a valid URL encoding.

You’re right! If I change them from the encoding back to the < and >, it works. Somehow Things works with the link as-is. Thanks for your help.

As it stands, link mode uses Apple’s link detector, provided as part of their data detector APIs, and it does not properly recognize message: URLs. Annoying.

It is something I’ve had on my list to fix, but requires writing my own link parser and I haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll try to bump it up on my list.

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