Email mailto: shortcut on ipad home page

I am trying to create a shortcut for the iPad home page that, when tapped, would open the email program with a pre-populated email address and subject line.

I’m told that Drafts will allow me to do this, but I installed the “Drafts” (no number" app and can’t even figure out how to open a file to edit it.

Can someone assist with he steps to do this?



Drafts will allow you to send e-mails from it using actions, but it does not allow you to do everything that you are asking. Whilst it can open and edit files, that doesn’t really describe what it is. It sounds like you have Drafts version 4, so I’d recommend reading the Drafts 4 Review by MacStories to find out more about how to use it. It is worth finding out more about how to use it as it is a great tool that may help you in other ways.

I think you may find Workflow by Apple, a free application (and to be updated to ‘Shortcuts’ in the next iOS release), is more what you want. You can create small automations called workflows and one like this can open the Mail app with a new e-mail preconfigured for a particular recipient and with a pre-set subject line.

Once you have a workflow set-up how you want, you can add your workflow to the iOS home screen. This will give you an icon you can tap on and it will load your e-mail ready to go.

Drafts would actually get you close to this as you can specify a recipient and a subject from an action, but it is an extra step to trigger the action for your particular use case.

Hope that helps.