Email action including device/system info?


I’m curious if an action already exists, or could possibly be created, to allow one to send an email which includes one’s device/system info (E.G: OS name, version, et al) within the message body?
This would make it easier to submit support requests to developers (for instance).

Thanks for reading.

Something like this perhaps?

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I get a “failed to open” error when clicking that link.

Sorry about that. Try the above link again. I think something odd’s happening when I’m pasting action links in. It dropped a forward slash from the link for me recently and it looks like it did it again. I’ve added it back in and checked that it links to the correct page.

There’s a bug in the shipping version of Drafts that omits the slash when copying links after updating to the Action Directory. Sorry about that.

That’s great!
Adding any additional details you think might be of any use to a developer when submitting a bug report (for example), might be cool. But this works perfectly!

Thank you for providing this!

That makes me feel a bit better. I figured my poor typing skills were to blame. Certainly wouldn’t have been the first time for that :laughing:

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