Editing force touch menu on iOS 14?

Is there anyway to edit the menu that pops up from force touch? Used to love having option of new draft from clipboard but it disappeared?

There is the choice to have it display recent drafts, commands or workspaces (in Settings), but not currently a way to control which commands are available.

The “New with Clipboard” option is available in the new Home Screen Widgets, so you can get direct access to it there.

It’s too bad Apple did not allow more than four options there when they removed the old “Today” widget from the long press display.

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Yeah - that ‘Today’ Widget on long press was so perfect… I’m so frustrated with what they did to force touch in general both hardware and software.

I’ll definitely implement the new widget w/ clipboard - I’m just having a hard time giving up 8 squares for the widget on my home screen where I want it - I wish there was a the smaller square option with 4 commands. :innocent:

I’ll just make a shortcut that does that and use tap back! which works well.

Thanks for the reply and for keeping such an amazing app going strong!

Everyone wants the small 4-square option, except Apple. It’s not possible to implement.


Yeah - we always get the handicapped version of what we want - and then 2 years later the version we wanted when they solve it somewhere else. :rofl:

I have a lot of respect for how well you handle the frustration developing within their walls! We are all so much better off because of your efforts! Forever grateful for x-callback.