Edit text by columns, not lines

I have lines of text in a plain text document with “fields” separated by spaces or tabs. (I don’t have the ability to convert this to, say, a CSV file because the separation of the “fields” using tabs or spaces is not consistent, unfortunately.) I’d like to highlight certain “fields” or in some cases all items after the first for deletion. I could do this if I could highlight text in columns, rather than lines. Is something like this even possible in Draft.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you.

You might be able to do this with a regular expression. You’d need to post samples of your data to see if that is possible.

like multi-cursor support?

on almost all mac text apps you can hold down option and make a rectangular selection for columns of text. it’s not multi-cursor support though

i would so love to see that but i don’t think it’s possible on iOS. i do have one code editor on iOS that has multiple cursors but i forgot which one.