Edit of Keyboard Actions

I’ve migrated a keyboard from Drafts 4 into 5. In Drafts 4, icons were shown for move left, move right, etc. But in Drafts 5, those positions on the keyboard now show text instead (Back, Forward, etc.).

I’ve tried editing the icon and/or text for some of the keyboard actions. The edits appear to have been saved (when looking at Edit Group) but when the keyboard is displayed, the original text continues to be shown. Why do I see the changes I’ve made in Edit Group but the display of the keyboard ignores them?

Also what determines whether to show the icon or the text for each item on the keyboard?

Thank you.

There’s a separate setting for how the keyboard shows each action, and whether or not it has an icon and/or a custom label. Edit an action to see those settings and change them (swipe right on an action in the list, and tap Edit). You might need to be a Pro subscriber to do that.

Got it. Just needed to scroll down a little on the Edit Action page so see the options to control what is seen on the keyboard–text and/or icon. Thanks for the reply.