Easier access to basic actions in MacOS

I’m new to Drafts and I have a basic action set up to send a file to a folder in my Dropbox. I’m trying to use it on my Mac but it’s really awkward. I have to use my mouse to go to Actions > Basic > My Action. And that list of actions here is huge. I turned off the visibility of all the actions I don’t care about, but they still show up. So I’d like an easy button or hotkey I could use to run this action on my text. I see that other types of actions are able to be added to the action bar, but basic actions cannot. Is there any way to quickly run a single action from MacOS? Thanks!

The action groups and actions are yours to manage as you see fit. The default set of actions can be a little overwhelming if you have simple use cases, but I suggest the follow:

  • Create a new action group called “Personal”, or whatever, to store your most used actions. Via Manage Actions.
  • Set this group to be visible in Action List and Action Bar in the visibility settings. This will make it a selectable option in both the list and the action bar.
  • Move the new dropbox action, and any others you use (Copy, Share, etc.) from other groups to your new group, using right-click “Move” on the actions in the list.
  • Select the new “Personal” action group in both the list and action bar. This will be remembered, then you have only the items you wish to use regularly visible.
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut to the action. This is done in the “Keyboard shortcut” section of the action configuration screen. (see docs.

Hopefully that helps simplify the experience. As you create/discover new actions you use, you can add them to this group.

Thanks for such a quick response! I’m still having trouble though. I created a Personal group and moved the actions there. I’ve set the group and actions to be visible in the list and action bar. They are visible in the list, but I don’t see them in the action bar. And BTW if I uncheck the selection for displaying them in the list, they still show up in the list. And assigning a keyboard shortcut also has no effect. Seems like these settings have no effect. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Changing the visibility will not “unload” a group, it just affects their availability in the selection menus. If you turn off visibility for the list, the group will no longer be in the dropdown list.

The action bar selector menu (icon to the right) has some caching, it may not immediately fresh the selection when you change the visibility options.