Duplicate Workspace in menu

I somehow have two “Inbox” items in my Workspaces menu even though there is only one. The second one mysteriously showed up and has this arrow pointing to the top-right. Has anyone experienced this? Know what it is? How to remove it?
Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 11.17.38 AM

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I used Custom Shortcuts to add the ⌘1 shortcut and there are no other menu items with that shortcut assigned.

Yes, I think that would be related to your custom shortcut. The Workspace menu has alternate-commands on the Mac, so if you hold down the option key when using the menu, the workspace is opened in a new window (as indicated by the arrow). By assigning a custom shortcut, macOS is displaying the option command to you that would normally only be displayed if you held down the “Option” key while accessing the menu. Harmless. There’s not actually another workspace out there, just a different way to access it.

If it bugs you, you could remove your custom shortcut from System Settings, and add an action to open that workspace assigned to keyboard shortcut. A single “Configure Window” step would do this nicely.

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Thanks, Greg. Creating actions for each Workspace was a bit cumbersome. I ended up creating shortcuts for both the with- and without- option key menu items with the same keystroke and that seems to have collapsed them into one again. Not sure if there will be unintended consequences but it seems to be working well now.