Duplicate draft body (use your templates better)

I use some templates for messages, mails or just some personal data (e.g. addresses).
The new workspaces allow me to sort them but without a “real” title in the draft its difficult to seperate them especially if they dont differentiate much from each other.
thats why i set titles to my templates e.g.:
Private Address

when somebody needs my address i just open the draft from my workspace and start this action:

it duplicates the body of the draft into the clipboard.
afterwards i can choose what to do with the draft body:

  1. create a new draft in my inbox from it
  2. like 1. but it will be opened directly
  3. nothing - just leave it in the clipboard.

this way i can simply modify the templates if needed or perform further Actions (use 2. option)
save this for later (use 1. Option) or just use the clipboard and paste it somewhere (e.g. a messenger)

Hope this is useful for some of you!