Dropbox sync automatically

Pardon me. I’m new to Drafts. I gave it a try and it doesn’t seem to offer transparent Dropbox syncing. I prefer Dropbox be the backbone of how Drafts saves my data.

I make a lot of tiny txt files and save them in Dropbox. I desire Drafts for iOS to be able to sync with Dropbox automatically to make these searchable. If I make a note in Drafts I want it to automatically appear in my Dropbox because that’s my chosen destination for all my txt files. Even if the functionality was limited to a single folder, I would find this preferable to not having it at all. I just don’t want all the extra steps of import and export which seems to be the case currently. I just want transparent use of Dropbox as the location for data storage for my tiny notes.

Reiterating for clarity: I’m just looking for a smartly designed txt file editor for iOS that uses Dropbox for storage so my PC can also contribute to the workflow. Drafts seems very close to what I want but is missing the transparent Dropbox storage.

Drafts doesn’t work with files that way. (Drafts can import or export to Dropbox. But Drafts themselves are stored in a database that syncs via iCloud. Drafts don’t exist anywhere as individual files.)

You should consider using iAWriter, 1Writer, Ulysses or any of the other file-based plain text tools.

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Hmmm interesting. Thank you very much for the feedback. I will definitely try those apps.

P.S. As an aside, I want to note that theoretically Drafts could add a virtual database layer to produce txt files (stored in Dropbox) which would trigger manipulations of its real existing database. This would open up the possibility of manipulation by PC apps. If they decide to do this in the future I would be interested.