Dropbox connection suddenly not working "Dropbox Error:"

I’m a longtime Drafts user and have been using the Dropbox connection to append to a Dropbox file from my iOS devices. In the past day or so, the Dropbox-related actions are failing and the log simply says “Dropbox Error:” with no actual error there (see screenshot from macOS Drafts, which is having the same issue):

I tried “Forgetting” the Dropbox connection and then reauthorizing it, which happens successfully, but as soon as I try to use an Action that uses that connection, it fails. Anyone else having this issue or have any idea what might be happening?

P.S. I sent a message about this to support@agiletortoise.com as well, but thought I’d post here in case others are experiencing this.

Edit: I’m having this issue with macOS 10.15.5 + Drafts Pro 21.1 and iOS 13.5.1 + Drafts Pro 21.1.

I received a reply from Agile Tortoise support:

Dropbox made an unannounced change to how they deliver some API results last week. I’ve fixed the issue and submitted an updated build to Apple. Should be out in the next day or two when it gets through App Review.

I grabbed the updated app from App Store, and all the dropbox error: blocks went away! back to appending to journals and such – grab the update!

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Confirmed! Version 21.2 fixes the Dropbox issue. Woohoo! Thanks @greg-pierce!