Drafts Widget quit working on Big Sur

Anyone else find that Drafts for Mac widgets suddenly quit working on Big Sur? I am trying to customize a grid widget, and trying to select a theme results in a “no options were provided for this parameter” error, and trying to select items for the grid results in a “The operation couldn’t be completed (INExtensionContextErrorDomain error 1002.)” error.

The Drafts grid widget was working fine at one point. Today I noticed it had disappeared and when I added it back, this is the experience now.

Confirmed, I have the same problem on Big Sur.

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The latest beta for macOS fixes this.

It’s a weird time between when the new iOS SDK ships and the new macOS SDK ships. Lots of peripheral issues like this…appreciate your patience getting them resolved.

This fix should be in the v28.1 update that hit the App Store today as well.

[UPDATE: This fix has shipped]

I am on the latest version of MacOS Big Sur (11.6.1) and Drafts. I no longer see the Drafts as an available widget. I’ve tried restarting to no success. Thanks in advance for the support.

Try uninstalling-reinstalling. Don’t think it’s anything about Drafts, the widgets work fine on my Big Sur installations, so system must not be registering widgets correctly.

Thanks for the response. I upgraded to Monterey and I see Drafts now in the available widgets.