Drafts v 40 on iPadOS 17.0 crashing when connected to Zagg Pro Key external keyboard

I recently updated to Drafts 40 and iPadOS 17.0 nearly simultaneously. I use a Zagg Pro Key external keyboard and don’t recall any previous problems.

However after updating, Drafts would not open. It will flash ever so briefly and immediately disappear. Through trial and error, I discovered this only occurs when the Zagg keyboard is attached. When it is not attached (or powered off), Drafts runs and works great with the on-screen keyboard. If I then attach or power up the keyboard with Drafts open, Drafts immediately disappears as soon as the keyboard is attached. I have not been able to reproduce this behavior with any other writing app such as Notes, Mail, Obsidian, etc.
My unsuccessful attempts at resolution include:

  1. Powering both iPad and keyboard OFF then back on again
  2. Updating the firmware of the keyboard
  3. Unpairing and Pairing the keyboard again
    …all to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be happening or tips for resolving? Thanks!

That’s…interesting. Haven’t run into that before.

I just did a quick test with the two Bluetooth keyboards I have and was not able to reproduce any issues, so it does seem like it might be specific to the specific model, or something else about your setup - either in iPadOS or Drafts.

A couple of things I don’t think will help, but are worth trying:

  • If you open Drafts with a command that does not result in the editor being focused, like typing the URL drafts://inbox in Safari and opening it, same result?
  • If you disconnect the keyboard, open Drafts, and change some of the options in editor settings - particularly maybe change hiding values for Action Bar and iPad Keyboard Bar…then reconnect and relaunch - any difference?
  • If Drafts is already open when you connect the keyboard, does it crash?
  • If you re-install Drafts, any difference?
  • Do you have access to any other Bluetooth keyboards to try?

Thanks! I appreciate your efforts. I posted because it just seems so strange. I’ve tried your suggestions with the results you expected :disappointed:. None of them made any difference and, unfortunately, I don’t have another Bluetooth keyboard to try out. I’ve contacted Zagg customer care on the off-chance that they may have some insights.

One added curious wrinkle I discovered, is that it’s not technically crashing Drafts (at least not the first time). When Drafts vanishes (and I’m back to the Home Screen) if I go into the App Switcher, Drafts still appears there but with a blacked out image rather than a thumbnail. But if I try to open it a second time it will then quit and not show up in the App Switcher at all. If I turn off the keyboard before trying to reopen, Drafts comes back normally. :thinking:

I have yet to find another app being affected the same way. I guess I have an opportunity to better accustom myself to dictating my mobile drafts - :wink:

I’m using a logi keyboard with Drafts and I don’t have any issues with it.

Please open a support ticket (support@getdrafts.com) for this with crash logs. I might be able to determine something from logs.

You can find the logs in iOS Settings > Privacy and Security > Analytics > Analytics Data, and they should start with “Drafts…”.