Drafts to Skedpal

Hey, I’m a non-programmer using Skedpal for my daily task management. Skedpal doesn’t really have a good quick entry option, so I’m looking for an action that will move my draft into my Skedpal inbox. Does anyone have a solution for this? I wasn’t able to find an Action in the Directory. Thank you!

From Skedpal’s FAQ:

Is SkedPal a Calendar app or a Task Management app?

It’s BOTH. Your task list and calendar are intelligently integrated. You’ll be able to outline your areas of work and life, projects, tasks and sub-tasks. Then, choose the important items in your current focus and SkedPal schedules them. In addition, SkedPal natively integrates with major calendar apps such as Google, Office 365, and iCloud calendars. It also integrates with major task management tools via Zapier integration.

It looks like if you connect it to a calendar service you also have linked up as a calendar on your device then you could use pretty much any calendar action you like.

There are actions for Google tasks, so that should be able to cover you too.

For what bits worth, Skedpal’s support info lists nothing for an API or URL scheme (though their app implementation on desktop is unashamedly wrapping the web site using third party tools), so there’s no way for Drafts to talk directly to the Skedpal service or to one of their mobile apps. So via other integrations is your only option at this time, but at least it seems to be an option that would give you immediate access to lots of useful actions.

Hope that helps.

Thank you!

I setup up a Zap that sends a new Draft to Google Task, then from Google Task to Skedpal. Bit of a workaround but now I have a quick entry option for Skedpal. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me on this.

Or you could use the existing integration from Drafts to Google Tasks. I don’t believe Zapier should be necessary for any basic capture, just Drafts direct to one or more of the integrated calendar/task services.