Drafts to Notion app

I use the notion app on my mac for so much of my workflow and drafts for every written piece of content that I create. How can I get an Action created so that I can move specific drafts (by tag) into a Notion page. https://www.notion.so/product/

Are there people that develop custom actions?

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Every Drafts Pro subscriber has access to create actions on the iOS version, but the Mac version doesn’t support actions yet.

Maybe if you have an intermediate tool like Keyboard Maestro available, that could help bridge the gap for now?

Hi, Thanks for the quick response. I am a pro subscriber, just not sure how to create the action. Guess I’ll have to set some time aside to learn something new.


Just remember, as I mentioned above, actions will only be available on iOS now and for a while to come, and you noted above that you are using MacOS.

If you were to use IOS, you may well be able to create what you want.

This would also be very useful to me, I don´t have the coding skills to do this, can someone please do this :pray:


It looks like Notion still hasn’t really developed any automation, and this was referenced in a couple of relay.fm podcasts I listened to this week.

Other then sending stuff via the share sheet from Drafts, which I would hope that it supports, I think the first step is actually for anyone interested in integration for Notion to pick up with Notion’s developers directly regarding the point that their app/service could benefit massively from some integration options for automation. The more customers and potential customers that request this, the higher it should go in terms of business priorities if they are listening to their user base.