Drafts to Notebooks 10 (notebooks app)

Can anyone develop and upload some actions to send to Notebooks app?

Current ones do not seem to work.


Drafts to new Note in say Inbox

Note split by means of markdown headings resulting in separate notes in Notebooks.
( this can already be done sending to Ulysses)

icing on cake - Drafts appended to Journal Note within Notebooks app.

This example Notebooks action seems to match the URL scheme documentation for Notebooks. Have you tried it?

I don’t have the app to test, but If their docs are correct, I believe that action should work to create a new note with the text.

If you paste the below URL into Safari and open it, does it create a new note in Notebooks with the text “TEST”?


(Wondering if the problem is on Notebooks end)

Yes it creates a notebook called add note contains a file called TEST containing the text “Test”