Drafts to Fantastical (iOS and MacOS)

Newbie question here, my first post:) I know Drafts supports the 3rd party, natural language entry iOS/MacOS calendar Fantastical, and have studied the online posts about how to do that in Drafts. I haven’t used Drafts long enough to discern which method to use, would appreciate pointers.

I would like to shoot “basic appointments” into Fantastical, but i like to enter up to 3 staggered (in time) reminders when doing this in Fantastical. So i think i need an action script beyond the “Shared” mode “Event” action. Also when i used that one it’s a lot of clicking and scrolling, to find Fantastical. Likely due to my limited experience with Drafts.

TIA for any suggestions –

Steve B.

Start with the Fantastical integration guide. It may answer your questions. There are a number of sample actions as well.

As for making the reminders happen, I’m not sure that can be done with simple natural language parsing in Fantastical, but maybe. Drafts can create calendar events directly and add alarms, but that would require scripting to get customized behavior like you describe.