Drafts to Blogger.com

I would like to post my Drafts directly to my blog which is hosted using Google’s Blogger platform.

Is it possible? As a non tech guy I’ve tried everything I can think of but I’m hitting a brick wall. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I looked in the Drafts Action directory and didn’t find anything so it doesn’t seem like anyone has shared anything yet. I also looked online to see if Google offers a blogger API and it seems that they do. It seems like to get Drafts to publish to blogger, a custom Script action would need to be developed. Maybe someone else on the forums has experience with that API or an active account that they could play around with. I don’t unfortunately so I don’t think I can help much.

P.S: the action directory is always a great place to look for actions that might do what you’re looking for. In this case it came up empty but just something for the future!

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Thanks for taking a look at this. I looked up the Blogger API and it is way out of my pay grade. Hopefully someone has been through the API and can guide me with this.

I’ve had integration with Blogger on my list of possible additions for years, but, to be completely honest, I’ve never prioritized it because I have not received user requests for the feature.

As noted, it should be possible now but non-trivial to script integration with the API. Will add your +1 to request for direct integration.

In the meantime, I think there is another solution, as I believe Blogger supports email to blogs, and email actions are easy to setup. Possible that might work for you? Googling “email to blogger” finds some articles on setup. If you get that setup and need help with configuring Drafts email actions to work with it, let us know.

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Just to +1 on Blogger integration. At this moment, I am using an action to send Blogger an email and it works fine.