Drafts Stickers - Free for limited time, Send SASE **GONE**

This batch of stickers is gone, please do not send addition envelopes If you sent an envelope, I will be getting them out by the end of March.

Limited run of Drafts stickers are available to interested parties.


Nice - I’m loving my new shirt. :blush:


Not to be grumpy but how would non-USAns do this? I assume we can’t. Which is understandable.


Maybe subscribers from outside the US can get access to the design files to print their own merch? :slight_smile:

I was also wondering about non-US addresses. Thanks

How will it be possible to get some stickers in Germany?

Is there a Drafts action available which would generate a US stamp on a UK printer? Asking for a friend😁

Will that work for the international addresses?

Looking into options at least for European users. Honestly, I’m not in the fulfillment business and don’t know much about mailing things - even within my own country. I’m certainly happy to get these out to interested parties anywhere, but can’t turn into something I spend days on.

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And it wasn’t my intention to tweak your nose about it.

I will figure out the stamps necessary to send ever so slightly N of the US border and give it a shot. Thanks!

You know, it’d be great if someone who was an Apple fan and had a sticker company could make a site where I could order stickers for Drafts, Ulysses, OmniFocus, ATP, etc all from one source. I’d happily pay a few bucks for each sticker for that kind of user experience rather than hope I see a notification in time to send a SASE.

This isn’t (only) to gripe about my missing the sticker window–the fact that Greg is sending any at all is wonderful, it just feels like there’s a better way for everyone.

Thanks for delivering Drafts on MacOS!


@agiletortoise, you could use a service like Redbubble because they are in three different locations. US, Europe, Australia. You just upload the design and they do the printing and shipping on demand. No cost at all to you.

Whichever print on demand service, the main thing is to check they print and ship regionally. Reduces shipping costs to a minimum and speeds everything up.

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@agiletortoise +100 to uploading to Redbubble. Then we can buy stickers for a buck apiece, that company will deal with fulfillment (even international).