Drafts Shortcut to end up in Notes

Is there any way to get Drafts to execute a Shortcut to open Apple Notes, then stay in Apple Notes (without returning to Drafts)? I want to use Drafts to create the text, then send it to Shortcuts for processing using menus, and finally check in Notes to make sure it’s what I want.

It would seem to be sensible that if the last item in the Shortcut is “Show Note,” I would actually end up in Notes. Instead, what happens is that Notes flashes briefly, then the screen goes back to Drafts.

It is only possible currently by using an Open URL action step instead of a Run Shortcut action step.

The Run Shortcut step is using a URL under-the-hood, but will always attach callback URLs to the Shortcuts request that will return to Drafts (to allow the action to be completed).

If you create an action with one Open URL step using a URL as follows, it will send the text of your draft to and trigger your Shortcut and not return to Drafts:


(Obviously, replace SHORCUT-NAME with the actual name of your Shortcut.)

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