Drafts' PopClip Extension like Sharing to Drafts?

Drafts Web Capture Template is great, especially the moustache type that allows you to distinguish between simple URLs and selected text snippets of web pages.

The only downside is that Share requires a number of steps as it is a feature that comes from an inconvenient operating system, iOS/iPadOS. On a Mac, there are better options like PopClip.

Is it possible to give the Drafts PopClip extension access to the Web Capture Template? Or can the PopClip extension be extended so that it can be adapted for these purposes?

And it shouldn’t just capture plain text, but proper markdown generated from HTML.

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Possible you might be able to replicate similar functionality via AppleScript, but the web capture template relies on special features of Safari and the way it integrates with Share extensions to access properties of the current page that do not exist outside a Share extension, unfortunately.

You might consider using Drafts Web Capture bookmarklets, which can also replicate the functionality.

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I will give the bookmarklets a look, thank you.