Drafts permalink to a specific header

I’m having so much fun with wiki style links that I just started to put that link into another app and realized it doesn’t work. Is there a way to accomplish something like this?

drafts://open?uuid=[UUID],[Header within the draft I want to jump to]

See the /open URL action documentation for details, but you can do that two ways:

  • Use the title parameter with the navigation marker specified after a slash, like:
    • drafts://open?title=TitleOfDraft/NameOfHeading
  • Use the marker parameter to target a named navigation marker along with uuid, like:
    • drafts://open?uuid=UUID-OF-DRAFT&marker=NameOfHeading

The title version would produce the same results as the [[TitleOfDraft/NameOfHeading]] wiki-style link in the text.

The uuid version allows you to be more specific about the target draft, if unique titles aren’t reliable enough.


I see it now. Thank you!!