Drafts opens the app again after completing an action

I’m using a “Send to Things” shortcut that takes all my text and parses it and sends it to Things. After it successfully completes it, it always returns back to the Drafts app. I don’t want it to return to Drafts app. How can I stop this? I’d approximate any help as I’m quite new to this app and scripting. Thanks!

Maybe it is an x-callback-url call (change to a non-callback call to stop the return)? Maybe it is something else?

If you can give us a link to the action someone can take a look and tell you and probably advise on what you would need to change.

Here is a link to the whole action:


It is best to just l Iink to the directory either to the original or your own private share.

This one is JavaScript-based and it is using a callback URL at the end.

As noted in the docs.

You can substitute in the use of app.openURL() to turn it into a normal link.

I’m just making a drink at work, so can’t spend more time to modify and test it right now, but you or someone else could take a look at modifying it.

Good news! I figured it out. Thank you for your help, I truly appreciate it. I will share it here for everyone, if they want to use it as well.


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