Drafts on iOS doesn't bring up keyboard automatically when opening the app

Drafts used to bring up the keyboard upon opening the app to quickly write stuff but it’s not doing this for some time, any similar problems or recommendations?

What is your “new draft after” setting set to?

Have you enabled link mode?

the “new draft after” is set to 30s

the link mode (if you are referring to the link icon under every draft) is off.

I noticed that it only happens with pinned drafts. when I disable the pin and let Drafts to open a brand new draft upon opening the app, it brings up the keyboard normally!

is that normal? I don’t think it was like this before.

FYI - link mode:

I have my new draft after setting set to “never”, so I always return to the same draft, but it never has the keyboard pop-up until I tap into the draft to start editing it.

Pinning a draft, as far as I know, temporarily overrides the new draft after setting to effectively mimic the “never” setting.

I think the behaviour you are seeing is normal for pinned drafts, and I don’t think the behaviour would have been any different previously … but being someone who defaults to “never” on the draft creation setting, I can’t be certain of that. But, the behaviour as it is does seem consistent.

got it! so the pop up keyboard is only for newly created drafts. thanks for clarifying.