Drafts Nooby - Simple Shortcuts Processing App

Hi all,

I basically want to create a shortcut that processes my current draft.

Upon SUCCESSFUL completion I want to archive the draft. I’ve turned the wait for response on (even though I’m not using any parameters, this may be the issue).

What URL should I open at the end of my shortcut to get back into drafts and tell it I was successful?


Results in request cancelled. No clear documentation on this message.

Thanks! I’ve searched a ton but can’t find anything - may be using the wrong terms though.

Are you using the “Run Shortcut” action step?

You should not need to do anything additional to return to Drafts if you are…and you can set the After Success options on the action in Drafts to archive it after the Shortcut runs.

Not sure what your Shortcut does, but for the most part if triggered with this step, Drafts constructs the x-callback-urls to open and run your shortcut, and Shortcuts should return to Drafts when the shortcut completes.

I swear it archived when the shortcut didn’t finish before! This led me to believe I needed a second url.

Working as expected. Thank you!!!